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If you won’t sing in the car with me when we drive, we can’t be friends


What stopping you from reaching your gold? Go and get it!

Education is really important.



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hahahah LOL hyunsik u are just lmao this is funny on We Heart It

Lol loving this hahaha


hahahah LOL hyunsik u are just lmao this is funny on We Heart It

Lol loving this hahaha

True friends stab you in the front.

I hate people judging others when they doing the same thing.


VDL G Bomb Collection: September 2013

Some gorgeous colors in the new VDL G Bomb range which was launched in Korea for the Summer, but has just reached Singapore. (For those who are outside of these two countries, remember you can grab VDL products from!)

Please note I am only swatching colors sent in a press kit and there are more shades that I will try to update in this post once I have more info!

Water Bomb Mascara


Waterproof version of the original Eye Bomb mascara (which I really like); It’s a wet formula like the original and quite good if you want evenly coated, separated lashes and moderate thickening and lengthening.

G Bomb Skinfinish

Kinda like MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, but finer-grained, these are baked face products for highlighting and contouring. The contouring powder I received for review is matte (thank goodness for companies that “get” matte bronzers) but quite light in tone, so if you have a medium skin tone or deeper, you will like need to look for another shade in the range.

The shimmery shade is a lovely champagne gold that would look nice on most skin tones though.

G Bomb Aqua Paint

If all the other colors in the range are like this, we’re in for some fun. The CRAZY looking coral-red cream blush called 601 Moma has an interesting firm mousse-like texture and really smooths out to a sheer stain-like finish. It is not tacky or oily at all, which makes it great even if you have oilier skin, but not so good if you are trying to use it on very dry lips.

It has an almost cream-to-powder like texture and zero shimmer.

G Bomb Lip Shower

These glossy balm-like lipsticks don’t go on with a lot of intense color, despite how they look. They’re slightly shimmery, slightly minty feeling, and add a subtle pop of color and shine to the lips. They’re also automatic (twist-up). No sharpening needed.

Terry is a fuchsia with blue pearl, like a translucent version of MAC Show Orchid. Sean is just a juicy coral/orange.

I find it funny that as with all the other lipsticks in the VDL range, the colors come in guys’ names. “Robert is my love, but I sometimes bring Terry and Sean out on the weekends.”

Shadowliner Pen

These dual-purpose shadow/eyeliners look like Clinique Chubbysticks. You can wear them on their own as shadows (they set in about 30 seconds and then they last and last - in fact I had some trouble removing the swatch from my wrist!), or you can use them as a base for powder shadows to last all day.

03 NY Liberty Island is a deep dark navy with a low sheen. Very nice for a blue-toned smoky eye.

I would hesitate to use these as a liner despite the name, because they are too chubby for you to get precision. If you’re looking for smoky grungy eyeliner that you run along your lash line and smudge out with a finger, they would work great.

Wow, where can I get one of those?!